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Words of Appreciation for Heartland of Willoughby

My name is Karen, and I am 72 years old. I was a patient at Heartland in Willoughby. Prior to that, I was a patient in a hospital for two weeks. The worst care I ever received. When I left, I was pretty much a vegetable. I couldn’t move hardly any part of my body. I had worked myself into a terrible medical state with extreme stress.
My first day at Heartland, I met an angel named Kadaya. She was my day nurse. She helped restore my broken body and mind with her pleasant and upbeat self. You have several angels working at your facility, and you probably don't even realize it. My night nurse was Jane. A wonderful nurse. The other nurses that also gave me great care were Shaquita, Jennifer and April. I also had several nurse aides, including Darlene, Dina, Tamika, Arianna, Zoltaz, Anisha, Shay and Nicole. I also met the dietary staff, and the food was good.
The next set of angels I met were my physical and occupational therapists, Sarah, Laurie, Marlon, Bill, Rachelle and Debbie. At no time when I told them that I was hurting a little bit did they insist that I continue. Again, such respect and care for a patient. I was told by the nurses at the hospital that the staff at Heartland was going to cause me more pain and that they were going to work my body very hard. Nothing could have been further from the truth.
I just want someone to know what a great staff you have there. I have never felt so much love and respect from people who didn't even know me. God has a special place in heaven for all of these girls. I will continue to pray for them each and every day. Thank you to Heartland and all the "Angels" you have working there. I would definitely recommend your facility to everyone. God bless and keep up the good work.

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