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Janet's Recovery Story

Patient Profile:
Janet is an active sixty-nine-year-old grandmother. She had been attending a show on a Saturday night at the Schuster Center downtown Dayton. She noticed several people sneezing and coughing all around her. The next morning she had chills and her whole body was aching. Her appetite diminished, but she continued her medications. Soon she began to feel lightheaded when she walked, experienced shortness of breath and had a dry cough. She reported to the emergency room at Huber Health Center, where she transferred to the hospital for acute kidney failure, low blood pressure and sepsis from a urinary tract infection.


Post-Acute Need:
Janet loves reading, Facebook, going to the theater and most of all spending time with her grandchildren.  However, her condition had left her weak and she had even begun to experience falls. What Janet wanted was to get the rehabilitation she needed to get stronger, get home quickly and be active in her grandchildren's lives.


Post-Acute Stay:
The therapy team at Heartland - Beavercreek focused on improving standing balance to increase Janet's ability to move safely and decrease her risk of falls. There was additional focus on upper and lower body strengthening and improving Janet's aerobic capacity to help improve her ability to complete self care at home with less assistance. Janet was able to successfully accomplish her goals, return home and get back to her grandchildren.


Back to Active:

"The staff at Heartland - Beavercreek made my recovery so much easier and helped me to gain strength and be able to be more mobile. I could always depend on someone responding to every need. It was overwhelming at first, but I set goals and reached them very quickly with the rehab staff." - Janet.

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