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Elton's Recovery Story at MedBridge at Heartland of Centerville

Swallowing your pride and asking for help is hard. Elton always lived alone and never needed to lean on anyone. When she was given a life-altering diagnosis, Elton was forced out of her comfort zone and had to move across state lines to be closer to family.

“I was crushed when I had to ask for help,” Elton said. “I have always lived on my own and never needed anyone.”

Elton ended up being admitted to MedBridge at Heartland in Centerville, Ohio.

After staff discussed goals, interests and hobbies with Elton, staff at Heartland discovered that cooking brought her joy.  As part of her therapy, they took her grocery shopping and helped her to cook a meal in the therapy kitchen.


“I love to cook,” Elton said. “It felt so good to know that I can cook for myself again.  I’m so grateful for the love and genuine concern that I have received at Heartland. Heartland helped me get my independence back and I look forward to being my own person again.”

Part of therapy is showing patients that they can return to the person that they were before.  That hobbies, interests and daily activities are manageable.  After Elton realized that she was capable of making herself a meal, her self-confidence improved and she felt as if she was given another chance at life.  She was able to return to her independent ways and knows that she is stronger than her illness.

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