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Michael's Recovery Story

Many years ago, Michael suffered a stroke and was forced to spend periods of his life in and out of "nursing homes.” Most recently, Michael stayed at Heartland of Eaton in Eaton, Ohio. Michael was not the most enthusiastic or cooperative patient, and was less than excited to stay in another “nursing home.”


“I admit I wasn’t the most compliant patient, but the staff treated me with respect regardless,” Michael said. At Heartland, Michael was able to find the extra encouragement and support he needed to reach his fullest potential. “Because of the relationships and friendships I built with staff that motivated me, I started participating in therapy more and worked harder to get better.”

Michael thought that his stay at Heartland would be just another stay at a “nursing home.” He couldn’t have been more wrong.  Had Michael opted out of a nursing home stay, he wouldn’t have met the staff that was able to help him defeat his mental block and realize that he was capable of more than he thought.

It’s true that “nursing homes,” or post-acute rehabilitation centers, focus of the physical aspect of a patient’s recovery, but staff also makes it a point to take care of patients mentally and emotionally. They provide the extra encouragement that patients need to reach their full potential, encouragement some may not get in their home setting. 

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