Words of Appreciation

Heartland Health Care Center San Antonio North

Every day, our centers and hospice and home care agencies receive thanks for the care they have provided to a patient or someone’s loved one.  Many say they don't have the words to describe their appreciation and simply say "Thanks."  Below is a letter from a patient of Heartland Health Care Center San Antonio North in Texas in appreciation of the care provided to her.

I am writing this letter as a part of my occupational therapy.  It is my second letter, and I am very driven to write it to you.  I had an experience at Heartland San Antonio North that you need to know about.  Your staff are not only talented but kind and compassionate people.

I progressed so much in the two weeks I was here, and know that with the expert assistance and training I received, I am better equipped to return home and to the workplace.  Please recognize these amazing professionals as they truly make the care and healing process better:

Physical therapists Rachelle and Janette.  Occupational therapists Minerva and Gina.  Speech therapist Nancy.  Psychologist Rika.  Nursing and CNA staff Alex, Alysa, Ana, Aya, Danielle, Dya, Gina, Jessica, Joyce, Katrina, Leo, Margarita, Melissa, Olga and Sylvia.  Doctor Reyes.  Case manager Emily.  I was unable to capture all of the names of the kind individuals who helped me.  Please add others that you know cared for me during my time at your facility.

I cannot thank your team enough for their quality care and compassion.  I hope that these outstanding individuals are recognized for setting the bar for patient-focused care.

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