Words of Appreciation

ManorCare Health Services Boulder

Every day, our centers and hospice and home care agencies receive thanks for the care they have provided to a patient or someone’s loved one.  Many say they don't have the words to describe their appreciation and simply say "Thanks."  Below are comments from a patient at ManorCare Health Services in Boulder, Colorado in appreciation of the care she received.

I was a patient at ManorCare Boulder.  I want you to know that I am totally satisfied with the complex care unit.  They couldn’t have been nicer; nursing care was excellent.  Everyone, all the staff, the CNAs, the environmental service people – all top-notch.  I can’t get over what a good experience it has been for me, and, I think, the majority of other people that I interacted with feel the same way.  Kristen, Mary, top-notch.  Another patient told me that Kristen just brings a breath of fresh air into a room, and it’s very, very true.  So I want to thank you, and I hope this thanks trickles down so that the Boulder facility knows how much love and affection I have for them.  Thank you very much.

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